Wednesday, 29 August 2007


They have a letter challenge again at DCM:

Take a Letter Ms Jones

Keryn's "Pushing Your Buttons" Dare is still open and there's plenty of room for more, more, more cards with buttons on, but you know we like to throw you something extra to play with in the middle of the week, so here we go:This week we have a sneaky, tricky Little Extra challenge for you
Take a letter, Ms Jones
OK, it's not about monograms, we've already done that.
This time the challenge is to pick one letter and see how many things you can use on your card that begin with that letter.
Now then, you can't choose "P" and just have pink paper, pink brads, pink ink, pink ribbon - oh no no no, that's not the way it works!
You could however, use
A pink card blank, paper, petals, plasma, a monogram P, something Purple, a Flower Pot...
Or how about B?
brads, buttons, birthday, banana (well, you never know..) blue, black, brown, blooms, buckles, bows
Or Sspots, stripes, string, sandals, Stickles, sunshine, stars, snow

I'm crazy for this kind of challenges and here is my attempt.

Not too many B things but here we go:

Button, Balls, Bike, Brown ink-ribbon-pen, Bloom, Broken line

Friday, 24 August 2007

Double dare

Here is the card I made for DCM's challenges:

Who's pushing your buttons!

Hi its Keryn here and it's my turn to set the dare this week.
I know you've all got buttons stashed away somewhere, whether they've been purchased at a cardmaking store or you thriftily snipped them off DH's old shirt. I'd like you to find those buttons and use them somewhere on a card. They can be real buttons, craft shop buttons, die cut buttons, faux buttons or another type of button, surprise us all.

Dash it! That's put me on the spot.....

Now then, maybe you need a little extra challenge in the middle of the week - well, if so, as usual we have something to amuse you....
Dot Dot Dot Dash Dash Dash
We'd like you to make a card featuring dots and dashes, spots and stripes - that's it, a nice easy and fun little theme for you to play with - just make sure you get both spots AND stripes on your card. We'd love to see your dotty, spotty, stripey creations so please come back and leave a message when you're ready to share.....

So I double dared myself ...

(I used paper mache ball (which was flattened with hammer! ) as a button.)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Caardvarks challenge

It's challenge time! Eat more fiber! Let's see cards that showcase fiber!
Link us to your card(s) in the comments section of this post by September 1st. They'll be added to the Fiber Gallery.
2Jills, a terrific monthly kit club, is sponsoring the fiber challenge and providing the winning card creator with a kit prize! You really need to hop on over to 2J and see what the fuss is all about. Great kits (including a monthly card kit!), friendly and upbeat messageboard, fun challenges and Questions Of The Day, and a rockin' gallery. OH! And they're conducting a Jillies DT search right now!

This is my attempt for the challenge.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


This card was made for Hiekkaoliivi's Saturday surprise challenge. Theme was "kiitollisuus" (thankfulness).

Butterfly atc swap

These cards I made for hiekkaoliivi's atc swap themed "perhonen" (the butterfly).

Friday, 17 August 2007

DCM "Frill"

This card was made to DCM challenge set by JO:

You must make a card with a frill - it could be some lace, frilly ribbon, a hand cut or decorative scissor edge or a folded paper frill - or what ever you choose to make.... you decide!

I made a card to my mom's B-day; I've bought a pair of red alligator shoes to her and wanted to have a card with same theme. Thanks for nice dare JO!

Friday, 10 August 2007

This card was made to DCM challenge:

Photo Finish
This weeks Dare is set by Tracie (Bondgirl) and is titled Photo Finish....
This week I want you to make a card for any occasion but it must include a photograph somewhere! The photo subject can be people, items, locations, flowers, absolutely anything so get snapping. Dont forget to check copyright if you are using someone elses photographs in your art work

Sunday, 5 August 2007


Here is my card for Dcm challenge "Time":

Hi there, It's me, Kathy, here to dare you this week;
OK, Absolutely anything goes this week as long as it's on the theme of TIME."It's About Time" So you can use clocks, calendars, quotes, sayings, pictures, nursery rhymes, or altered art-type stuff, whatever takes your fancy - just take some time out to play and have some fun; remember, time flies when you're having fun!

This is the B-day card to my friend who loves clocks. I'm making a super size clock to him as a present, you'll see it later...

Monday, 23 July 2007

Garden cards

I made these cards for Just Bex's:



make a set of 4 ATCS with the theme

My cards are themed "GARDEN", and have to say I loved to do them.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

DCM card

I've been very lazy blogger, sorry for that, but there has been so many things going on in my life that I really haven't had time for this.

Anyway here is my card for DCM:

I’d like to see lots and lots of pockets. Pockets full of posies, Brass in Pocket (love the Pretenders).Pockets on clothes, Pockets from clothes, Library Pocket, Pockets of this and Pockets of that.
Get the idea?
Pockets and Pockets of Pockets.

I made this card for my very dear friend's request; He is having his 40th B-day party soon and the invitations will be like this. TFL!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

I've been tagged

You have been tagged!

Yourself: creative
Your Partner:MAN
Your Hair:short
Your Mother:hard-working
Your Father:active
Your Favorite Item:scissors
Your Dream Last Night:crazy
Your Favorite Drink:Jagermeister
Your Dream Car:ww-beetle
Dream Home:Warm
The Room You Are In:living room
Your Fear:Future
Where You Want to be in Ten Years:in Australia
Who You Hung Out With Last Night:The MAN
You’re Not:patient
One of Your Wish List Items:motorbike
The Last Thing You Did:opened post
You Are Wearing:shirt
Your Favorite Weather:sun
Your Favorite Book:sulavoi
Last Thing You Ate:chicken wings
Your Life:wild
Your Mood:anxious
Your Best Friend:kind
What Are You Thinking About Right Now:weekend
Your Car:don't have
What Are You Doing At The Moment:writing
Relationship Status: unknown

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Altered frame

Here is my request to a challenge at JUST BEX: We are challenging you to alter a picture frame or a Mirror. Again no rules – Any picture frame, any Mirror, any shape or size!

I altered this frame to Oskari's teacher. It was plain black before. Oskari wrote happy summer wishes to chalkboard.

Saturday, 2 June 2007


The challenge at Just Bex was to make four atc's themed "Summertime". Here are my cards.

Friday, 25 May 2007

DCM card

This week's DCM challenge by Jo:
Reminiscing... I would like you to make a card using some thing that you would normally find in an office environment. Such as... staples, paperclips, paper fasteners, file folders, library cards, hole punches, lined paper etc you get the drift.

I'm quite happy how this card turned out. What do you think?

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

DCM: Food

This week it's me (Kathy) setting the dare and I'd like you to make a card with a theme of FOOD!

So let's mull this one over.......
You could make an invitation to a barbecue, dinner party, picnic, kids party etc
It could feature a recipe, ingredients, utensils, cookery quotations, poems or rhymes....
It could have food depicted on it eg cupcake, CHOCOLATE, bowl of fruit , CHOCOLATE, sausages, CHOCOLATE,.....birthday cake....

Hey, it could even have real food stuck on it.....OK, maybe not....

as long as it's clearly got a foodie theme it's allowed.

How fun is that!!!!
From the very beginning, I was sure that I want to make a cupcake card, even wonderful Lynne from design team made one also.
Hope you like it.

Friday, 11 May 2007

ATC swap

I received Tikkelperi's cards today and have to say they are awesome!
First two on the top have theme "time" and the other two "age".

These are two cards (themed "age") I sent to Tikkelperi.

DCM: 3 little things

This week's Little Extra is another of our popular "recipe" cards. All you need to do is include at least one of each ingredient on your card, then when you're done leave a message so we can all come and see how you've incorporated them into your design.Here are your 3 ingredients:
1 stamp
1 piece of chipboard (bought or "faux")
1 piece of metal

Recipe was quite easy for me. I used it to make an atc themed "time". This card is one of cards I made to swap with Tikkelperi. I'll add other two of them later tonight.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Wings Atc

I've skipped couple of challenges of Daringcardmakers, and I'm not too happy for that; I just love their blog, but as I've been sick I haven't had enough energy to be creative. But now (as you probably guess) my head is full of ideas and just have to find time to scrap.

Anyway, this weeks DCM's challenge is:


You can pick any subject, any colour but the card has to incorporate WINGS of some sort-so you can do - butterflies, angels, fairies, insects,birds........anything basically if it has wings

I just love this challenge and my attempt is an ATC.
Hope you like it, have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Like an angel

I want to show you this LO as I do love the pic! It has been taken five years ago in Cyprus and I think my son looks just like an angel. He loves swimming and it was like a paradise to him down there; swimming in the morning, swimming in the noon, swimming in the evening...

Sunday, 29 April 2007


These are the cards I sent to Maitzu.
First there is two cards themed "travelling" and the last one is mini atc "anemone".

I'm back

I've been sick; some terrible viruses attached a week ago and had kept me deep in the bed! I noticed again that having fever drives me crazy and as the guys were sick too I still had to take care of them also. I'm so happy that it's over now.
I made some atc-cards to Hiekkaolivi's swap. I received these amazing cards from Maitzu.

Have to go I'll come back soon...
Thanks for swap Maizu!

Friday, 20 April 2007


I have tried to keep myself away from ATC's, as I know I'll be deeply addicted to these also. But here we are: I've got my first cards done and look what a beauties I received today from Kirsi! Aren't they gorgeous? In the letter there was also some very nice extras, I'm so impressed, thanks again you Kirsi!

The cards I made, can't get even near to Kirsi's quality, but as they were my first attempt for ATC's I'll probably be forgiven?
Two of the cards were themed "Tickled pink" and the last one was free.

New home

DCM's midweek special:

So, on to this week's Little Extra and another in our series of Boy Scout cards - you know - as in the scouting slogan "Be Prepared"! This time it's cards with a New Home theme.
Easy, eh? And, how nice are we? Helping you to get organised and always have the right card ready when you need it instead of scrabbling around to make one in a hurry!

Timing for this challenge was perfect for me, my brother has been working hard to make some extra rooms to their old house. I'll give this card to them to celebrate their almost new home.

It's written "KOTI" (=home),each letter on it's own side, so there is a lot of space for poems ect.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

The day of flowers -card

This week's DCM's challenge was to make a card that celebrates and reflects a festival from another culture to your own....

I've been living in Greece and in Cyprus couple of years ago. They both have quite similar cultures and mostly same festivals also. Something very different from ours is how they celebrate first of May: They have that day called "The day of flowers". They use to decorate their front door with flowers and have a picnic eating mostly vegetables. (Those flowers were later on taken to church, where they were burned, don't actually know why.)

So I made this card to celebrate the day of flowers. I crocheted the white flower, printed out the sentiment, cut the end of the card with Fiskars shape template and their cutter, added some patterned papers, ribbons, lace, silk flower and wooden button.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Caardvarks challenge

This is my card for Caardvarks star challenge. I painted a piece of felt with turquoise silk paint, cut the star out and stitch it with white thread. At the tag under the star is printed with computer; "a star is born".
Blue tag has text "onnea",which
means congrats. The tag has been heat embossed with clear embossing powder after stamping the text.
Hope you like it.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Black and white, orange and turquoise

Today I was asking myself, why do I like sketches so much. I think mostly because there is freedom to play with colours. I like color contrasts and this card is good example how well opposite colours work together.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007


DCM's midweek challenge was to make card using 5 circles, 3 squares and one flower.
I made a card using a felt flower, four circles cut out from different papers and a button. Three green mini squares I hand stitched with orange thread.

Monday, 9 April 2007

I'm not an artist!

Here is my request for DCM's this weeks challenge.
I was inspired by Joan Miro's Singing fish.I used it as a sketch and followed also the colours, but used lighter tones.
So I managed to change fish to flower-vase, didn't I?

Friday, 6 April 2007

Vintage card

I made this card for DCM's vintage challenge.
I used a photo taken from me as a one year old. (Makes me think am I really that old; vintage!!!) I colored the photo lightly. I then bumped the dress, I'm wearing at the photo, to scanner and got my background paper. Those metal fasteners are also as vintage as the photo; they have been saved from a vest I had about forty years ago!
I'm going to give this card to my mom at mothers day. Hope she'll love it. (Here in Finland we have the mothers day still ahead, we spend it the second sunday of may.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Three colours

Another quick card today. A bit too simple for me, but I still like it somehow.


I made this bag from Marimekko's Unikko (poppy)fabric. I love these colours in this design.

Something blue...

I find it quite difficult to work with blue colours, even blues are one of my favorite colours. I found this paper yesterday and felt totally love for it! I made a quick card first, as I just wanted to show you this brilliant paper. Hope you like it too.

Sunday, 1 April 2007


I made this chocolate brown card for DCM. Loved to do it. I stamped, painted, cut and decoupaged funky foam letters; made a stripe with scalloped scissors and added die cut flower.

BTW. I just noticed there is a bit white in a ribbon knotted to the button, but as I can live with it, hope you can too.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Here is my sunshine for DCM little extra.

I'm not listing the supplies I've used, as the list would always be something like this: Card stock, (no name) from Tiimari; vellum (ursus/ margeriten) Tiimari; Yellow flower has been taken out from silk flower bouquet; white flower (no name) from Finnstampper; metal flower (no name) Tiimari; ribbons from my stock.
So as long as it's impossible to find any international known craft stuff here in Finland, I find it useless to make any lists, sorry for that.


I have to post this one here as I'm so proud of it!

I've always been extremely bad with calenders. I used to have those sticky paper notes everywhere and the calender stays empty! Lately I've noticed it doesn't work very well, as I'm supposed to plan, not only my, but also my son's schedules. I've bought many different types of calenders and other scheduling systems, but always find myself not using them. Last month I put myself to think why this happens, and found out that I don't want to use them as they are usually quite ugly!
So I made one that I love to take up; and, as you guess, it works!

For Gillian: Yes, I did alter the baby stamp, and feel free to use the idea, as I've been stolen so many of yours... lol!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

DCM card "twins"

I found this DMC challenge quite difficult, but made it! I thought I've used the same stamp as Gillian, but it's a bit different anyway.