Friday, 20 April 2007

New home

DCM's midweek special:

So, on to this week's Little Extra and another in our series of Boy Scout cards - you know - as in the scouting slogan "Be Prepared"! This time it's cards with a New Home theme.
Easy, eh? And, how nice are we? Helping you to get organised and always have the right card ready when you need it instead of scrabbling around to make one in a hurry!

Timing for this challenge was perfect for me, my brother has been working hard to make some extra rooms to their old house. I'll give this card to them to celebrate their almost new home.

It's written "KOTI" (=home),each letter on it's own side, so there is a lot of space for poems ect.


Lythan said...

What a clever card. That is so great!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

This is so original - wonderful!!

tikkelperi said...

Onpas ihana koti-kortti! Hieno idea ja upea toteutus!

manicstamper said...'s so original and unusual.

Susan said...

What a lovely card! I love the subtle colours and the variety on the letters.