Wednesday, 28 March 2007


I have to post this one here as I'm so proud of it!

I've always been extremely bad with calenders. I used to have those sticky paper notes everywhere and the calender stays empty! Lately I've noticed it doesn't work very well, as I'm supposed to plan, not only my, but also my son's schedules. I've bought many different types of calenders and other scheduling systems, but always find myself not using them. Last month I put myself to think why this happens, and found out that I don't want to use them as they are usually quite ugly!
So I made one that I love to take up; and, as you guess, it works!

For Gillian: Yes, I did alter the baby stamp, and feel free to use the idea, as I've been stolen so many of yours... lol!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Just love your special organiser Annikki, I think if I had one of these I could be organised too..LOL!!!.. just so beautifully made.. love every little detail..

oh thanks re the baby stamp, you are so clever altering it like that..just gotta find someone to give my first twins card too!!!!before I make a second..

Kathy said...

This is lovely Annikki, but I think it would take more than that to organise me! I made a box, complete with decorated index cards with the idea that I would put cards in it as I made them and always have a card ready for each occasion. I love the box, but more often than not any cards I've made just sit on top of it!