Wednesday, 29 August 2007


They have a letter challenge again at DCM:

Take a Letter Ms Jones

Keryn's "Pushing Your Buttons" Dare is still open and there's plenty of room for more, more, more cards with buttons on, but you know we like to throw you something extra to play with in the middle of the week, so here we go:This week we have a sneaky, tricky Little Extra challenge for you
Take a letter, Ms Jones
OK, it's not about monograms, we've already done that.
This time the challenge is to pick one letter and see how many things you can use on your card that begin with that letter.
Now then, you can't choose "P" and just have pink paper, pink brads, pink ink, pink ribbon - oh no no no, that's not the way it works!
You could however, use
A pink card blank, paper, petals, plasma, a monogram P, something Purple, a Flower Pot...
Or how about B?
brads, buttons, birthday, banana (well, you never know..) blue, black, brown, blooms, buckles, bows
Or Sspots, stripes, string, sandals, Stickles, sunshine, stars, snow

I'm crazy for this kind of challenges and here is my attempt.

Not too many B things but here we go:

Button, Balls, Bike, Brown ink-ribbon-pen, Bloom, Broken line

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Kathy said...

Gorgeous card Annikki - I think you can add Bow and Border (love that pretty border down the right hand side btw) to your list