Friday, 11 May 2007

DCM: 3 little things

This week's Little Extra is another of our popular "recipe" cards. All you need to do is include at least one of each ingredient on your card, then when you're done leave a message so we can all come and see how you've incorporated them into your design.Here are your 3 ingredients:
1 stamp
1 piece of chipboard (bought or "faux")
1 piece of metal

Recipe was quite easy for me. I used it to make an atc themed "time". This card is one of cards I made to swap with Tikkelperi. I'll add other two of them later tonight.


Rein said...

Love this!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!
I love your ART soooooo much..
those wings are lovely!

Kathy said...

lovely card, and beautiful colours. Beautiful