Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Out from comfort zone

This weeks DCM dare was quite scary, even I do love to try everything new.
My unusual and uncomfortable things in this card are:
I used glitter-glue very first time in my life. (I still don't like it, and think it was also the last time!) I'm just wondering why in a world I've ever bought them?
Second, I made large-h free hand instead of printing. This I can do again, it was actually easy.
Third, I computer embossed the white "syntymäpäivää". This was also the very first time in my life, but for sure not last; it was so easy and fun!
I have to say this card isn't my favorite (mostly because of that glitter-glue!) but I'm happy I faced my fears and learned something new.


Kathy said...

Fab car Annikki - you've done so many new and different things on one card - that was really brave, I think! Braver than me, for sure!

I don't mind glitter glue - but I only use the Ranger "Stickles" ones as they don't come out in great big globs when you only want a little dot!

I REALLY REALLY don't get on with loose glitter thoug - I've had far too many "accidents" with the evil stuff!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Brilliant Card.. love your big H it looks great!.. and gorgeous combo of colours and PP's..
I'm with you on glitter pens.. not my fav thing to use..don't even like the kids using them it seems to get everywhere..

Rachel said...

gorgeous card, and well done on doing so many things out of your comfort zone. I dont do glitter either hehe xx

mamaluke said...

Well considering you don't like glitter glue you have used it to great effect. I sometimes don't like it too, it never blobs in the exact place you want it, so I've found it's quite effective to smear it and just use it as a highlight on wings of butterflies etc.