Friday, 25 May 2007

DCM card

This week's DCM challenge by Jo:
Reminiscing... I would like you to make a card using some thing that you would normally find in an office environment. Such as... staples, paperclips, paper fasteners, file folders, library cards, hole punches, lined paper etc you get the drift.

I'm quite happy how this card turned out. What do you think?

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

DCM: Food

This week it's me (Kathy) setting the dare and I'd like you to make a card with a theme of FOOD!

So let's mull this one over.......
You could make an invitation to a barbecue, dinner party, picnic, kids party etc
It could feature a recipe, ingredients, utensils, cookery quotations, poems or rhymes....
It could have food depicted on it eg cupcake, CHOCOLATE, bowl of fruit , CHOCOLATE, sausages, CHOCOLATE,.....birthday cake....

Hey, it could even have real food stuck on it.....OK, maybe not....

as long as it's clearly got a foodie theme it's allowed.

How fun is that!!!!
From the very beginning, I was sure that I want to make a cupcake card, even wonderful Lynne from design team made one also.
Hope you like it.

Friday, 11 May 2007

ATC swap

I received Tikkelperi's cards today and have to say they are awesome!
First two on the top have theme "time" and the other two "age".

These are two cards (themed "age") I sent to Tikkelperi.

DCM: 3 little things

This week's Little Extra is another of our popular "recipe" cards. All you need to do is include at least one of each ingredient on your card, then when you're done leave a message so we can all come and see how you've incorporated them into your design.Here are your 3 ingredients:
1 stamp
1 piece of chipboard (bought or "faux")
1 piece of metal

Recipe was quite easy for me. I used it to make an atc themed "time". This card is one of cards I made to swap with Tikkelperi. I'll add other two of them later tonight.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Wings Atc

I've skipped couple of challenges of Daringcardmakers, and I'm not too happy for that; I just love their blog, but as I've been sick I haven't had enough energy to be creative. But now (as you probably guess) my head is full of ideas and just have to find time to scrap.

Anyway, this weeks DCM's challenge is:


You can pick any subject, any colour but the card has to incorporate WINGS of some sort-so you can do - butterflies, angels, fairies, insects,birds........anything basically if it has wings

I just love this challenge and my attempt is an ATC.
Hope you like it, have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Like an angel

I want to show you this LO as I do love the pic! It has been taken five years ago in Cyprus and I think my son looks just like an angel. He loves swimming and it was like a paradise to him down there; swimming in the morning, swimming in the noon, swimming in the evening...